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Should you consider commercial property investment?

With so much of the real estate market discussion focused on residential, it’s sometimes easy for people to forget that there are lucrative investment opportunities in other sectors. While it’s true that huge growth has been seen in housing, some industry commentators are beginning to speak of an impending downturn. In October 2015, QBE’s Australian […]

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ASIC turns its attention to mortgage brokers

Following up on its recent review of interest-only home loans provided by major lenders, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is now moving to look into the same products provided by mortgage brokers. Michael Saadat, ASIC senior executive leader, noted that consumers were calling out for the new review after the release of the […]

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How to become a mortgage broker

If you’re interested in pursuing a new career path, there are a lot of reasons why becoming a mortgage broker might be right for you. There is a handful of steps to achieving that goal; that’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you on your way. Hit the books The first step after […]

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RBA: Tighter regulations leading to better lending standards

Following some disappointing findings from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has noted that the tightening of lending regulations is putting standards back on the right track. ASIC’s review of interest-only home loans, released in August 2015, looked at the big four banks alongside seven smaller lenders. While […]

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3 great reasons to become a mortgage broker franchisee

Feeling stuck in your current job? Looking for a rewarding career in a growing industry helping others, while also seizing lucrative benefits for yourself? Maybe it’s time you looked at getting into the dynamic world of mortgage broker franchise ownership. Whatever your background, there are plenty of reasons to look at becoming a mortgage broker. […]

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RBA remains firm on 2 per cent cash rate

While the victor in yesterday’s Melbourne Cup may have come as a surprise to some, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor Glenn Stevens’ announcement that the official cash rate (OCR) would remain on hold at 2 per cent did not. The decision to hold the rate is good news for mortgagors or those considering a […]

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When to consider home loan refinancing

For long-term borrowers, it’s easy to get into a pattern of repayment and assume that there’s no need to tweak things here and there. What might surprise you is that becoming complacent with your home loan could be costing you thousands. It pays (literally) to do a regular assessment of your mortgage, whether it is […]

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Increase your financial literacy for smarter home loan borrowing

As any past or present borrower can attest, taking out a home loan is a big decision that should never be taken lightly. Increasing your financial literacy can not only make you better with your finances in general, but also lead to smarter investments and shorter payoff times, all adding up to more money in […]

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Report shows a drop in complaints against mortgage brokers

The 2015 Annual Report from the Credit & Investment Ombudsman (CIO) contains good news for mortgage brokers, as it has been revealed the number of complaints lodged against brokers has fallen over the past 12 months. The drop in complaints runs against the grain of the report as a whole, which showed total complaints against […]

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What’s in store for the mortgage broking industry?

Have you been looking for a fresh career opportunity, or to simply explore something new in a growth area? Mortgage brokering offers one way forward for a lot of Australians, giving you the chance to help people move up the property ladder and grow your own business. But of course, you wouldn’t want to move […]

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Client stories:

Going green wasn’t an optional extra for the Nieuwenhuis’, it was an integral element of their property investment strategy. ‘I’ve always had a passion to live more green,’ says Dee. ‘I have faith in the fact that we will have to go that way eventually – so the sooner the better. I thought that green […] read more
Using the equity they had built up in their family home, Neville and Christine Lewis started investing in property in the early 1990s as a strategy to help fund their retirement. Working closely with their Smartline Adviser Tony Leggett, Neville and Christine started investing in property in the early 1990s. Taking a sensible approach to […] read more
Kerry and Scott joke that their Smartline Adviser knows more about their finances than they do. Over the past 11 years Smartline has helped Kerry Simpson and Scott Wright buy their first unit, upgrade and invest in other properties and start a share portfolio. As a result, they now live in a home that is […] read more

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