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3 things to keep in mind when renovating an apartment

Whether you live in an apartment yourself and are refinancing for some new features, or own one as an investment property and are keen to squeeze some more value out of your real estate, you might be considering some major renovations. These kinds of upgrades can add a significant sum to the price tag or […]

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What was missing the from 2016 Federal Budget?

The Federal Budget for the next year has been dominating headlines, with everybody from political pundits to first home buyers making their opinions heard on this massive driver of the future of Australia. However, while the budget has certainly been a diverse document covering all manner of factors from tax to infrastructure, there appears to […]

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Congratulations Gavin Tandon – MFAA Excellence Awards – NAB Newcomer of the Year Award (QLD) winner

NAB Newcomer of the Year Award winner , Gavin Tandon and his wife at the MFAA Excellence Awards held recently in Brisbane.  Congratulations to Smartline’s Gavin Tandon who was named NAB Newcomer of the Year for QLD at the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia Excellence Awards held in Brisbane recently. Presented to members of the MFAA who display exceptional practice […]

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What are City Deals and why do they matter for your home loan?

If you’ve been keeping up with news in the housing sector, you may have heard about the recent City Deals that have been announced by the Federal Government. It might not seem all that different from the current planning process to the uninitiated, but in reality this new direction could have a major impact on […]

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3 questions that first home buyers need to ask themselves

If you’re a first home buyer, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the property market. There will be all sorts of questions running through your head at this point, but here are three you should be putting at the very top of your FAQ! Have you ticked off all these boxes? […]

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What do confident savers look like?

When you are looking at taking on your first home loan, one of the primary barriers you will have to overcome is achieving the capital required to put down a deposit. It can take a lot of saving, and some people find it extremely difficult to stick to their goals. Ultimately, however, if you want […]

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How can you stay satisfied with your home loan?

Home loans can take a very long time to pay off – about 30 years tends to be the industry standard. Plenty can change over that amount of time, and we aren’t just talking about the interest rate. You could decide that you aren’t happy with your current loan provider. A recent Roy Morgan poll, […]

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Client stories:

Going green wasn’t an optional extra for the Nieuwenhuis’, it was an integral element of their property investment strategy. ‘I’ve always had a passion to live more green,’ says Dee. ‘I have faith in the fact that we will have to go that way eventually – so the sooner the better. I thought that green […] read more
Using the equity they had built up in their family home, Neville and Christine Lewis started investing in property in the early 1990s as a strategy to help fund their retirement. Working closely with their Smartline Adviser Tony Leggett, Neville and Christine started investing in property in the early 1990s. Taking a sensible approach to […] read more
Kerry and Scott joke that their Smartline Adviser knows more about their finances than they do. Over the past 11 years Smartline has helped Kerry Simpson and Scott Wright buy their first unit, upgrade and invest in other properties and start a share portfolio. As a result, they now live in a home that is […] read more

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