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Tips for breaking into the housing market

Recent Census data tells us that less people own their own homes than five years ago. That can at least partly be attributed to rising house prices. In Sydney, house prices are 12 per cent more than they were a year ago. In Melbourne, house prices are up 13 per cent from last year. These increases can […]

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Interest rates

The difference between owner-occupier and investor interest rates

New regulations have changed the way financial institutions set interest rates. There’s now a bigger difference between the rate borrowers are charged when they buy a property to live in, compared to loans taken out by investors who don’t live in their properties. This means the rate available could be cheaper for owner occupiers. The new […]

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4 resolutions for home buyers this new financial year

January 1 is generally the time we most commonly make resolutions – diets, fitness, careers and relationships all get dealt with as the new year comes around. But does it make sense to make financial resolutions at this time too? When the new financial year rolls around, you’ve just submitted your tax return and got your finances in […]

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New Census data looks good for investors

Are you looking to invest in property? You might be interested to hear that according to new Census data, rents have increased and mortgage repayments have decreased in the last five years, making property investment an attractive option. Many people in Australia have a mortgage, and people are paying less per week for their mortgages, […]

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Should you rent out your home on Airbnb?

Savvy property owners and investors are turning to creative strategies to make some extra cash. Sharing economy platform Airbnb is turning into a popular investment strategy, seen by landlords as a way to reap the rewards of higher rental yields, and by owner-occupiers as a way to gain some money to put towards bills and expenses. […]

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Mortgage myth buster: things you need to know about mortgages

Taking out a mortgage to buy a home is a big step. That’s why you need to know what you are getting into. There are a number of mortgage myths in circulation. Here, we bust some of those preconceptions, to help you make the right decision. Mortgage myth #1: The lowest rate is always preferable […]

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Wall color selection during renovation in a room (3D Rendering)

Funding renovations

Renovations can be costly and stressful, but as long as you are increasing the value of your home, it can be a sound financial decision. Here are the various finance options available: Top up your current loan Since your equity typically increases over time, you can often borrow additional money on your existing loan. You […]

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Client stories:

When Ivan Marsic and his wife Tanja Brinkman decided they wanted to knock down their house and build a duplex, they didn’t expect to have any problems securing a loan to build the new property. The house had been fully paid off, and Ivan had been with the same bank since primary school. They also […] read more
Having a great mortgage broker can really help ease the stress and strain that comes with buying a property – particularly when you’re doing it solo. Getting back into the property market was a priority for Belinda Fellows, after she had separated from her partner and they had sold the property they had together. “I’d […] read more
It was Christmas Eve 2015 and Elly Marie and her husband Nic were busy with their new baby and planning their upcoming wedding in February.  On a whim, they decided to put an offer on a unit – another investment property – which they didn’t think would be accepted. It was. With no finance preapproval, […] read more

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