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A new mortgage is quite an increase in your commitments. It takes a lot of hard work to acquire assets, so it makes good sense to have adequate protection along the way. This not only means having your property and contents covered, but also ensuring that you and your family will be protected in the event of accident, injury or death. Smartline can refer you to Allianz for life insurance cover.*

Home building and contents insurance

Your home loan provider will require you to have your home building insurance in place in order for them to settle on your home loan.

Your Smartline Adviser can refer you to Allianz for your home and contents insurance.

Smartline presently refer you to Allianz Australia Insurance Limited AFS Licence No: 234708

Ask your Smartline Mortgage Broker about arranging your insurance cover.

For terms, conditions, limits and exclusions please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

To review the Key Facts Sheet available for the building and/or contents covers click here.

Life insurance*

Life insurance is very important because, unless you are independently wealthy, your ongoing good health is necessary for you to continue to meet your mortgage repayments. People generally require enough insurance so that in the event of terminal illness or death, their dependants will be able to repay debts/liabilities such as a mortgage and have money to live on.

Smartline has partnered with Allianz to provide an affordable and comprehensive life insurance product for our clients. For more details and to obtain a quote, please click here.

For terms, conditions, limits and exclusions please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

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* Policy terms, conditions, limits, exclusions and underwriting criteria apply.

Allianz Australia Life Insurance Limited ABN 27 076 033 782 AFS Licence No. 296559 (Allianz Life), is the issuer of this life insurance. Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 AFS Licence No. 234708 (Allianz) is the issuer of this home and contents insurance. Smartline Home Loans Pty Ltd ABN 38 085 370 270, ACL Licence No. 385325 acts under a referral basis as an agent for Allianz and Allianz Life, not as your agent. Smartline can provide written advice on life insurance, but no advice on general insurance and cannot arrange insurance. It receives commission on these insurance products as a percentage of the premium paid for each policy ranging from 10% to 20%. The relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for insurance products can be requested from our website at Any advice here does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs, which you should consider before acting on the recommendations above. You should read and consider the PDS before deciding whether to acquire any product mentioned.

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