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Smartline's mortgage broking services include:

Your personal mortgage broker

Expert home loan advice

Your expert Personal Mortgage Adviser will meet with you and take the time to understand your situation. We’ll help you find the right loan from the right lender, which could save you thousands.

Home loan support from start to finish

Your Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser will take you through the home loan application process step by step, helping you pick the right home loan from the right lender. We’ll do all the running around and manage the process from application to settlement.

But your home loan support doesn’t end there. After your loan is settled we’ll keep in regular contact with you through our client care program.
You’ll receive:

  • Updates on property market changes.
  • Mortgage advice if your situation changes.
  • Annual home loan reviews to ensure your loan is working well for you.

The loan appointment

You have a choice of 25 top lenders

Using our specialist broking software, your Smartline Mortgage Adviser can compare the loan products of 25 different lenders, quickly and easily.

You'll know how much you can borrow

With a few details, we can quickly work out which lenders will let you borrow the money you want.

How we help you find the right home loan

Once we fully understand your situation, your Adviser will work out how to best structure your finance and will search for the right loan product for your needs. We'll review the details of the recommended loans with you - and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

We’ll explain clearly all the features and costs of your loan and tell you how much the repayments will be. And then we’ll provide you all this in writing in our Statement of Mortgage Advice.

Your loan application

Your Personal Mortgage Adviser will manage your application all the way to settlement, keeping you informed every step of the way.

We’ll help you with all the paperwork

We’ll do as much of the paperwork for you as we possibly can. We will package your application with all the supporting evidence and lodge it (in many cases electronically) with your chosen lender.

We’ll help you get approved

By professionally structuring your loan application we give you the best chance of getting your loan approved, first time.

Managing your application

We'll take the hassle out of the application process by managing it on your behalf - right through to settlement. Your Adviser will help you with any questions that you may have, and if there are any problems we’ll chase up the lender for you. We’ll liaise with your conveyancer, chase valuers and do everything we can to make your loan progress smoothly.

As always, talk to your Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser for more information.


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