What would you do with an extra $652 cash each fortnight?



Family with 6 kids (yes 6!) who work really hard to keep their head above water (Dad works Saturday overtime…and I am sure not because he wants to)…but they somehow manage to meet their commitments (sometimes just).

They had a high-ish interest rate mortgage and have been paying mortgage on same house for 13 years. Their current bank didn’t want to discuss reducing the rate, plus they had a couple of credit cards that were maxed out. With the high interest costs and numerous monthly fees, they were only just “keeping up” but in the great Aussie way they were “finding a way”. This included weekend overtime and cutting back or going without on some things as a family.

We are refinancing and consolidating debts, and have brought their monthly repayments down by $1,400 per month. (There are downsides to consolidating debt, but the upsides in this case of greatly reduced interest rates, especially on home loan, and greatly reduced monthly repayments make it worthwhile).

What a difference for this great family, and a massive financial burden lifted, that they probably shouldn’t have been enduring.

I sometimes get caught up talking about investment and wealth creation… but feeling proud today to be able to make a difference for this one family in the lead up to Christmas.


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