A short guide to moving home


Are you happy with your current home? Do you want to move somewhere bigger? Smaller? Closer to work? Nearer to family?

Whatever the reason for your move, it can be a daunting task to find a home loan, uproot yourself and your family and head to somewhere new. Even once you’ve found your perfect property, the journey isn’t over. In fact, the next few steps can be the most stressful part.

To relieve some of that strain, here is a brief how-to on moving home after finding your new property.

Moving home doesn't have to be a hassle if you follow our short guide!Moving home doesn’t have to be a hassle if you follow our short guide!

Obtain pre-approval and find a home loan

This is an essential step before anything else. Obtaining a moving home loan using a specialised mortgage broker is integral to ensure that you’re able to afford your dream property as well as make repayments that suit your budgeting plan.

Pre-approval is also extremely useful – particularly if you are thinking of buying through auction! – and can be done before you begin looking for a home to give you an idea of how much you are likely to be able to spend on your new property.

The process for buying a home differ from state to state. Ensure that you speak to a qualified mortgage adviser to ensure you are following every step from loan legislation to stamp duty payments.

Make a moving plan

Make it easier on yourself and construct a strategy before shifting your whole household.

Planning is half the battle. Make it easier on yourself and construct a strategy before shifting your whole household.

Movingservices.com.au recommends that you should begin packing immediately after purchasing your new property. The company also suggested organising a rubbish removal for all that unneeded stuff you inevitably find during the move, as well as making a floor plan so you know where all your furniture and worldly belongings go in the new place.


Pack up your belongings, family members and pets; it’s time to go! Possibly the most exciting part of the whole process, this is where it all pays off, and you get to move into your new home and start the next stage of your life.

There are still some things you must do though: make sure all the relevant authorities such as your bank, utilities provider, tax office, etc know that you have changed your address.

You can contact a Smartline Mortgage Adviser on 13 14 97 for mortgage advice. Or complete our call request form and we’ll call you!



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