Property Council of Australia calls for abolition of stamp duty


The Property Council of Australia has released a statement calling for state governments to reconsider their stance on the implementation of stamp duty.

Latest figures from the New South Wales government have revealed that the state is on its way to receiving a record revenue from stamp duty this year: 8 billion dollars, more than double what it was four years ago.

“Stamp duty is our most damaging tax and hurts homebuyers, businesses and the economy,” says NSW Executive Director Glenn Byres.

“NSW needs to put stamp duty abolition on the agenda as part of the national tax reform debate given it is our most damaging and inefficient tax.”

Stamping out unnecessary taxes

The Property Council argues that there are viable alternatives to the current convoluted tax.

“As the state’s biggest industry, we’re keen to see a tax reform agenda that unlocks growth, creates jobs and helps create a better deal for homebuyers and business,” says Mr Byres.

“Switching away from bad taxes like stamp duty to more efficient revenue sources like the GST would deliver it.”

This continued pressure from the Property Council and other major property industry bodies such as the Housing Industry Association may result in governments rethinking their application of stamp duty on property. Investors and homebuyers may soon find stamp duty to be a thing of the past.

Advice on stamp tax

Those considering taking out a mortgage are recommended to contact a mortgage broker to figure out how stamp duty may be affecting their purchasing power. With each state having different thresholds and percentages, it is imperative to ensure that you are paying the amount correct for your local government.

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