4 Tips to Take Advantage of Interest Rate Cuts


 Percentage - Down - Crash
1. Guaranteed path to wealth is to spend less than you make (it really is that easy)….so if you have an existing mortgage repayment and your interest rate goes down…why not just continue to pay the same repayment amount and reduce your debt faster…this has to has to be my all time #1 tip
2. consider a review of your lending, there are some very low rates in the market and up to $1,500 cash-back payments from banks to refinance…a review is free, independent, and you might be very surprised at not only lower rates but also strategies regarding your debt that you may not have heard before….my all time #2 tip, get good advice
3. if you are considering fixing…get a full review first and hear all the options
4. DO IT!!! you have nothing to lose, and maybe a lot to gain. Your bank won’t call you (neither will I)…you have to pm or email…so do it! I save people tens of thousands of dollars every day, but it starts with you
And one more….as a professional broker I will be contacting every one of my clients over the next week to discuss specifically the impact on their individual situation….if your bank or broker is not doing this then get a better professional to help.


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