Financial literacy is all about equipping yourself with the skills to handle your money effectively. We’ve talked before about the importance of increasing your financial literacy in order to make smarter decisions that will result in more money for you. But how do you find resources that explain things in straightforward language free from all that financial jargon?

In this article, we recommend some of our favourite tools that you can use to expand your financial literacy.

What tools and platforms can you use to increase your financial literacy?There are various tools and platforms you can use to increase your financial literacy. 

ASIC’s MoneySmart

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s online resource MoneySmart has some great background information on everything, from budgeting and managing debts to buying your first home. The articles on the site are simple to follow and divided into sub-headings for easy reading. MoneySmart’s also got a whole bunch of super-handy tools, including a budget planner and mortgage calculator.

Online courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – free university courses offered online to people of all ages all over the world – are increasingly popular these days, with an increasing number of higher education institutions offering courses in different subjects. Try searching sites such as Coursera and edX for MOOCs on money and finance. Macquarie University in NSW actually offers one on financial literacy via Open2Study that’s run by finance experts Paul Mordaunt and Paul Clitheroe.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are gaining in popularity.Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are gaining in popularity.


There are plenty of useful resources that you can access – both online and in hard copy – to gain insights into the financial world and valuable tips. Money Magazine is a fantastic starting point. It’s contributors are adept at writing in plain English that explain complicated terminology and address questions relevant to the Australian context. The Australian Financial Review is another great resource.

The Smartline blog

Our own blog is full of helpful tips that break down some of the hard to understand processes and lingo you come across. We cover everything from downsizing, saving tips, renovating and restructuring your home loan.

Your personal mortgage advisers

Smartline’s mortgage brokers are experts at breaking down complex jargon and helping our clients get to grips with what they need to know. Asking us all your vexing questions is a great way to find out more about what options are open to you.

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