Summer holidays are looming. For some, this means time off work, and hopefully, time on your hands. Between pool-side relaxation and trips to the ocean, you might like to spend some of your spare hours making improvements around your home.

Here are some simple home improvement tips that won’t break the bank.

home renovation over Christmas holiday

Before you start

Know your limits

You might want to do DIY renovations to save money. But you need to know what you can and can’t achieve. Plumbing and electrical work should be done by professionals. Get in a registered builder for structural work. Roof work may need scaffolding, depending on the height of your roof and the extent of work.

If in doubt, get professional advice. Your Smartline Adviser may be able to recommend local services.

Create a plan

Make a list of all the changes you want to make to your home, in order of priority. Some changes might be big, like renovating the kitchen. Others might be quite small and inexpensive.

Get quotes for big renovation jobs, and do a rough budget for smaller jobs.

Factor in a timeline for renovation work and assess your budget. Talk to your Smartline Adviser about financing. A good plan will help you work out which jobs to start over the summer.

Think about why you are renovating

To plan your renovation priorities; you need to know why you want to renovate. Is it for resale? If so, consider needs of potential buyers, like choosing a neutral colour scheme or putting in a decent oven. Or are you renovating for you? If that’s the case, only you will know your priorities! And maybe your budget will come into play.

Simple summer home renovations

Update lighting

The cost of new lighting varies. What you spend is up to you. But installing new lighting is a fairly economical way of sprucing up your home, adding character and charm, and of course ambiance.

Update the bathroom

Bathroom appliances needn’t cost the earth, and with a plumber’s help, they are fairly straightforward to install. A lick of paint can make your bathroom feel fresh, and can be done in a day.

Tidy the garden

You may have only been able to manage a weekly mow through the year. But come summer, you might have time to trim back trees and create neat garden edges. Planting in pots is eye-catching, and plants can be moved around to catch the sunlight.

The grand entrance

First impressions are important, so give your entrance a lick of paint, or even install a new front door to make your house feel fresh and inviting. New house numbers, stylish furniture on the porch, or plants in pots can all add to the effect, and are easy to achieve.

Get in the professionals

Once you’ve made a few improvements, hire window cleaners or professional cleaners to help make your home sparkle. And now, sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Talk to your Smartline Adviser today about tips for financing renovations.