Month: May 2018

home heating tips

Winter warmers: hot tips to heat your house for less

There’s condensation on the window. The grass is crispy with frost. Winter is setting in. For beach-loving Aussies, staying warm through the cooler months is a top priority. Are you looking for efficient ways to heat your home during winter? Since heating and cooling your house consumes 40 per cent of your home’s energy, it […]

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rural property market

Should you invest regionally?

With house prices in Sydney, Melbourne and other metropolitan areas nearing record highs, it’s tempting to look further afield. Buying a home regionally can be a good option for first home buyers keen to break into the market. Regional areas can also be a good place to purchase an investment property. Market factors, combined with improvements […]

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Preparing your home for sale

Planning to be on the move in little while? If you’re thinking of upsizing – or downsizing – then you face the big task of preparing your home for sale. The typical capital city house owner moves every 10.5 years, while unit dwellers up sticks every 8.4 years, according to 2015 research from Core Logic. […]

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5 things to consider when leasing business equipment

Setting up a new company can be expensive. You have location costs, staff wages, business planning and branding. One of the biggest expenses is often the cost of equipment. Whether equipment is industrial, used for construction, or for the office, it’s a big investment. This is why many businesses opt to lease equipment. Rather than […]

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investing process tip

4 tips for investing in property

There’s a reason that property investors take up a large chunk of the mortgage market. Investing in property can be a reliable place to store your money, and hopefully make a return, all going well. Like all speculation, there is always risk. But there are strategies for minimising the risk, and getting the most out […]

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The news gets better for first home buyers in Victoria

There’s more good news for Victorian first home buyers! The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is set to increase from $10,000 to $20,000 for buyers of regional property. Victoria’s state government recently announced the change, which will take effect from 1 July this year. In light of housing affordability discouraging first home buyers nationwide, those in […]

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Making the move to improve your well-being

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side. A recent report by the Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Institute found that moving within Australia can lead to improved subjective well-being (SWB). The study followed 2,474 people between the ages of 25-60 for up to four years before and after their residential migration, defined […]

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Get ready for the new financial year

A new financial year is a great time to review your finances and make sure they are in tip-top order. It’s the time of year to ensure you are claiming all your allowable deductions and that your tax records are in order. Here, we look at how to prep for 30 June whether you are […]

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