When you use a Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser you benefit from the highest quality advice, personalised service and mortgage expertise – every step of the way.

We treat you like a person not a loan number

Mortgage broking isn’t simply a loan business. It’s a people business – people with individual needs, circumstances and dreams. So, everyone at Smartline – from your personal mortgage Adviser to the whole team supporting them - looks after you and your valued business that way. That’s why most of our delighted clients rave about our service and refer their family and friends.

You’ll get help from a qualified mortgage expert

When you’re making hugely important financial decisions, you need smart, up-to-date advice you can rely on. So we only recruit people who can give you that expertise and peace of mind. Smartline Advisers:
  • are mostly experienced ex-bankers and lenders
  • are people who truly care about helping you get ahead
  • meet stringent service and operating standards
  • hold MFAA accreditation
  • receive ongoing industry-leading support and training.

You’ll benefit from smarter technology

The exclusive software we’ve developed plays a crucial role in the great service you receive. It enables your Smartline Adviser to:
  • quickly research loan options based on your needs
  • find the lender and loan for you
  • apply for and manage loan application fast online.
That means you get the answers, and the right solution you need, sooner.

You’ll enjoy multi award-winning service

From day one, the personal service we offer, smarter mortgage advice we share and innovative ways we do business has one objective - to give each client the best possible mortgage broking experience and results. As we’ve gone about making it happen, Smartline has been recognised through many mortgage and franchising awards including:
  • Australia’s Top Franchise (10 times out of the last 12 years)
  • Top Mortgage Broking Group (MFAA)
  • More importantly, thousands of our clients say they feel the same way.

You’ll have an Adviser in your corner

Your Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser does more than just find you the right lender and loan. They’re your skilled negotiator, expert adviser and trusted confidante, beside you every step of the way. Securing a home loan today is often more difficult than it was five or 10 years ago. So, as a borrower, there’s never been a better time to have a Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser in your corner. Discover all the important benefits of using a Smartline Adviser.