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Top reasons why home building remains strong

Home building has been one of the standout performers of the national economy over recent months, picking up some of the slack left behind by the mining sector. This situation has apparently persisted as the country moves into the final few months of the year, as those seeking home loans are keen to get their […]

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How to create an outdoor entertaining area

Australia is a nation of outdoor enthusiasts. From the sweeping coastlines to the vast, sunburnt centre and everything else in between, making the most of our beautiful country can start in our own backyards. For this reason the outdoor entertaining and living space has become a must have in a home. After all, is there […]

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Smooth sailing for residential construction

If the the flourishing volume of households making their way into the real estate market wasn’t already a sign, then the latest report from the Property Council of Australian and CoreLogic RP Data should give you some idea of how important housing is to the nation’s economic success. In particular, new home building has been […]

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3 reasons to renovate

Australians love having a property project. A splash of colour here, some polish there – renovating your own home can be incredibly rewarding process, as well an increasing your enjoyment and comfort. So why should you jump on the home improvement bandwagon? Here are three reasons to considering giving your property a makeover. 1. Bump up the […]

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How to add value to your home in winter

Winter is normally the time of year that things start to slow down in the property market. Buyers aren’t quite as active and there usually aren’t as many vendors putting their home up for sale. In fact, you’ll probably be getting ready to hanker down before the cooler weather hits, so making improvements to your […]

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Budget to boost construction

There’s been no shortage of news about the 2015-2016 budget over the past few days, but you mightn’t have thought much about what it could have in store for you. Whether you’re in the market to build a new house, or are on path towards saving for your first home loan, you might actually find […]

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Strong construction future ahead

You’ll likely have a whole range of things on your plate, but it’s worth keeping up with the latest developments in the property market. Something that might interest a lot of homeowners and prospective buyers is the strength of the Australian construction industry at the moment – and this looks set to continue. Australian Bureau […]

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Can renovations add value to my home?

Whether you’ve been living in your home a long time and are after a change of pace, or are moving into an established house in need of a bit of love and care, renovations are often a big part of owning a property. With so many home improvement options available to get your creative juices […]

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Client stories

Steve Moran and Andrea Bernard

Steve Moran and Andrea Bernard have always been focused on managing their money and maximising opportunities to grow their...

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Belinda Fellows

Having a great mortgage broker can really help ease the stress and strain that comes with buying a property – particularly when...

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Udaya and Nita Lohani

With their family having outgrown the two-bedroom unit they had lived in for seven years, Udaya and Nita Lohani knew the time was...

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