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Paying off mortgages takes priority in 2015

The start of a new year often means that people set themselves goals for the coming 12 months, and in 2015 it seems more Australians are focusing on their finances. A survey from NAB shows that financial independence and responsibility are likely to feature high on many people’s agendas, as they focus on a more […]

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Is it time for a home loan health check?

One of the common mistakes that many Australian homeowners make is assuming that the terms of your mortgage are finite. Over the life of your home loan, your financial circumstances are likely to change several times. Whether you get a higher paying job, cut back on your hours or start a family – the amount […]

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Mortgage advisers offer start-to-finish loan support

When it comes to home loans, a mortgage broker plays an integral role in helping you identify the most suitable products and preparing your application. But did you know that your mortgage adviser can continue to be a valuable port of call long after all the Is have been dotted and the Ts have been […]

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Why get advice from a mortgage broker?

If the advice of a mortgage broker wasn’t needed, Smartline wouldn’t exist. But, we do exist – and for a few very good reasons. Expertise Your mortgage broker needs to be up-to-speed with lenders’ ever-changing policies – not only where to find the best deals but which lender will accommodate your unique personal circumstances. Package […]

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Loan repayment timing the ‘devil’ in the detail

Lenders are paying more and more attention to the little details of your loan application and credit history – such as loan and bill repayments, which you might not think would be considered. Not being aware of and managing these little details may impact on your chances of securing finance in the future – but […]

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Avoid shopping for credit and improve home loan chances

Many Australians have high levels of personal and credit card debt, but those looking to borrow to buy a home in the near future are advised to jump off the consumption bandwagon to improve their home loan chances. Not only can current personal debt levels have a significant impact on your ability to secure a […]

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Manage Your Mortgage

For homeowners looking to maximise household cash flow in 2011, there are ways to manage the mortgage and get ahead. Set up an offset account An offset account is a separate deposit account linked to your home loan.  The interest earned on the savings is offset against the interest payable on the home loan. You […]

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Client stories

Matt Richardson

Running his own successful IT project management business while growing his investment property portfolio means Matt Richardson...

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Janine Davies

Janine Davies originally found the idea of buying a home nerve-wracking. Terminology she didn’t understand, mountains of...

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Scott Micallef

Several years ago, Scott Micallef already had 9 investment properties and was looking to buy more. He had about $5 million worth...

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