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Borrowing for over 50s

As anyone of middle age will attest, turning 50 can creep up on you. We know that 50 is the new 40! But if you want to take out a loan and you are over the age of 50, you may need to provide more information about your future financial position before you can borrow. […]

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Should you restructure your loan?

Should you restructure your loan? Restructuring your loan, or switching loans, can be an effective way to free up funds for renovations and other life costs, and help you better manage your finances. But how do you know when to restructure your loan? And is it always a good idea? Here, we look at what […]

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Tips that could save you thousands on your home loan

Around 17 per cent of Australian mortgage holders are facing some level of mortgage stress, according to Roy Morgan research. Even if you’re comfortably meeting your repayments, some savings here and there won’t do any harm. If you could cut down your mortgage repayments, you might be able to afford more of life’s little extras – […]

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The upside of downsizing

Once the kids have moved out and you’ve recovered – emotionally and financially – you might consider downsizing. For some, the sentimental aspect and the physical strain of moving is too big a hurdle. Financially, however, there can be many benefits. Downsizing usually releases some equity which you can use to pay for retirement living […]

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Funding renovations

Renovations can be costly and stressful, but as long as you are increasing the value of your home, it can be a sound financial decision. Here are the various finance options available: Top up your current loan Since your equity typically increases over time, you can often borrow additional money on your existing loan. You […]

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Five considerations when refinancing

It’s a good idea to regularly assess whether refinancing makes sense if you have an existing mortgage or another loan. There are many factors to keep in mind when you go through this process. Here are five essential elements to consider when assessing whether exiting one loan and opening another is a wise idea. 1. […]

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Life stages and property, part 3: Your 60s and 70s

In the final part of this series on life stages and property, we look at the financial questions concerning Australians of retirement age. At this point in your life, you’ve had to make a great deal of financial decisions. You’ve probably had big successes – as well as failures that you’ve learned from. For this […]

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Life changes, part 3: Death of a loved one

The passing of someone with whom you have built a life and a family together is an incredibly difficult experience. Not only may you struggle to cope with the grief of losing them, but a great deal of practical issues will arise in the event of their death. If you were both working, two incomes will be […]

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Life changes, part 2: Divorce and separation

There are few life changes that will affect your financial situation as significantly as a divorce or separation from a partner with whom you share a mortgage. Obviously, splitting up is not something you anticipate happening when you invest in a home with someone, but unfortunately such situations do arise. Divorce rates down under have […]

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Client stories

Matt Richardson

Running his own successful IT project management business while growing his investment property portfolio means Matt Richardson...

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Scott Micallef

Several years ago, Scott Micallef already had 9 investment properties and was looking to buy more. He had about $5 million worth...

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Dee and Henry Nieuwenhuis

Going green wasn’t an optional extra for the Nieuwenhuis', it was an integral element of their property investment strategy....

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