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Why do more Australians prefer using mortgage brokers?

Recent data indicates that slightly more Australian property seekers favour using mortgage brokers over dealing directly with banks and lenders. Brokers initiated $50.19 billion worth of new home loans during the last three months of 2016, according to research done by Comparator that was released by The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). This […]

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Should I stay or should I go? The downsizing dilemma

Your kids have all flown the coop and you suddenly find that the family home seems a lot larger than it used to. Whereas every surface may once have been strewn with muddy soccer boots, university textbooks and never-ending loads of laundry, whole spaces now go unused for weeks on end. It seems to take much […]

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3 financial goals you can set for yourself in 2017

Life comes at you fast, and if you don’t set concrete goals for yourself, it’s easy to fall behind. This is especially the case when it comes to planning your finances. If you have certain benchmarks you’d like to hit in terms of savings and investment, it’s best to draw up an exact schedule for […]

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Previewing 2017 : How’s the landscape for real estate buyers?

The market for housing in Australia is always an active one. This is never going to change, as people will obviously always need places to live. Prices are always subject to ebbs and flows, however, as levels of supply and demand fluctuate and the market adjusts accordingly. With this in mind, it’s interesting to think […]

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How long should you hold on to your first home for?

You bought your first home a few years ago, and now you’re getting itchy feet. Maybe you’ve spotted a new home for sale in a neighbourhood closer to work, or you’ve got a child on the way and don’t have quite as much room as you’d like. Whatever the reason, there’s that nagging voice at […]

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Do Sydney and Melbourne have competition for value growth?

Traditional property wisdom dictates that the biggest gains over time can be had in the largest, busiest and most populous regions of a country. In Australia, this has certainly proven true over the last few years, with NSW and Victoria capitals Sydney and Melbourne grabbing all the headlines thanks to their steady increases in real […]

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Client stories

Neville and Christine Lewis

Using the equity they had built up in their family home, Neville and Christine Lewis started investing in property in the early...

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Fiona and Jamie Clifford

When young couple Fiona and Jamie decided to build their new home, they knew they could rely on Smartline Personal Mortgage...

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Kerry Simpson and Scott Wright

Kerry and Scott joke that their Smartline Adviser knows more about their finances than they do. Over the past 11 years...

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