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Relocating in retirement? 4 things to consider before you decide

Reaching the end of your career brings many big decisions. One of those is where to live. Will you stay in your family home, or relocate? While moving might be a stress you are not interested in, now your working life is over, there are advantages to downsizing, or relocating to a quieter community. Here […]

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Which of Australia’s capital cities have the most affordable mortgages?

Affordability is about more than just the price of a house. Monthly mortgage repayments and house price-to-income ratios also dictate how affordable a property is. In this post, we compare the cost of a mortgage in Australia’s capital cities. What is the average price of a mortgage in Australian cities? At the end of June 2017, CoreLogic […]

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The nation’s capital is hot now!

While the average August temperature in Canberra is a mere 13.5 degrees Celsius, the property market could be heating up. CommSec’s latest State of the States report, which analyses indicators over eight key economic areas, shows us that the Australian Capital Territory has the highest home lending rates in the country. This is positive news […]

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Making the move to improve your well-being

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side. A recent report by the Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Institute found that moving within Australia can lead to improved subjective well-being (SWB). The study followed 2,474 people between the ages of 25-60 for up to four years before and after their residential migration, defined […]

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Life changes, part 1: moving in together

Buying a home together is a major step in any relationship. In addition to the adjustments you’ll be making in your living situation, there will be big financial changes. In part one of this three part series on life changes, we look at the steps you’ll need to take before getting a home loan with the […]

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How can you minimise costs when moving home?

When you move home, it’s pretty likely the largest cost you incur will be on your home loan. After all, CoreLogic RP Data gives us a combined capital city median price of just under $730,000 for February – that’s going to be a significant chunk of change for your deposit. However, it’s always wise to try and […]

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A short guide to moving home

Are you happy with your current home? Do you want to move somewhere bigger? Smaller? Closer to work? Nearer to family? Whatever the reason for your move, it can be a daunting task to find a home loan, uproot yourself and your family and head to somewhere new. Even once you’ve found your perfect property, […]

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How do you know when it’s time to move?

When it comes to moving homes, there a number of factors that influence our decisions. More often than not it’s just because we’ve outgrown our current dwelling, or the dwelling has outgrown us, creating the inclination, sometimes even the compulsion for a new home. In terms of statistics, it would seem that there is a […]

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Client stories

Matt Richardson

Running his own successful IT project management business while growing his investment property portfolio means Matt Richardson...

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Alison Bromley

Having sacrificed and worked hard to save the money for the deposit for her first house, Alison Bromley became overwhelmed at the...

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Linda and Trevor Friend

Linda and her husband Trevor had their mortgage with one of major banks for years. With rates going down steadily, the time had...

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