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The lowest NSW exodus to QLD on record

We first started looking at interstate migration levels (between QLD and NSW) about 9 years ago because they demonstrated a very important house price relationship. At that point in time, NSW was losing about 30,000 people (net) to QLD every year. The reasons for this exodus centred around house prices and jobs. The QLD economy […]

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Upgrading your home in a rising market (the cost of delay)

The humble “upgrader” is the biggest segment of the Australian property buying market. So much of our media attention is focused on first home buyers, investors, renovators and even downgraders. Little attention seems to be paid to those people that aspire to simply owning a better home. A better Australian dream. Anyone who is thinking […]

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Moving house: What you need to know

The time has come for you to pack up all of your things and transfer them from one property to another. It sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, what seems like a straightforward process can often turn into a huge hassle, due to unplanned interruptions and a shortage of time. Avoid the moving mayhem by following […]

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Client stories

Ivan Marsic and Tanja Brinkman

When Ivan Marsic and his wife Tanja Brinkman decided they wanted to knock down their house and build a duplex, they didn’t...

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Elly and Nic Marie

It was Christmas Eve 2015 and Elly Marie and her husband Nic were busy with their new baby and planning their upcoming wedding in...

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Linda and Trevor Friend

Linda and her husband Trevor had their mortgage with one of major banks for years. With rates going down steadily, the time had...

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