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Flipping Houses

Lots of interest from home buyers recently about buying, improving and “flipping” houses. This has always been popular and is a proven path to wealth generation, but made all the easier from the confidence of a Brisbane house price growth cycle. Done correctly it will end in riches (financial and life), but in the same […]

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What kind of suburbs are perfect for first-time buyers?

There is an excellent environment for buyers taking out their first home loan in Australia right now. The market is slowing in the classic investment zones of Sydney and Melbourne, opening up these cities for new buyers, while housing finance is showing “strong growth”, according to the Property Council of Australia. The low interest rates […]

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NSW renters may want to consider buying instead

As the Sydney market begins to cool off, people who usually rent may be pricking their ears up at the mention of increased affordability. It’s true – Sydney has seen only a 0.51 per cent monthly value increase in January, compared to Melbourne’s 2.47 per cent increase, according to CoreLogic RP Data. If these growths […]

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The importance of building inspections

If you are in the market for a new property, then you may have been warned of the dangers of not getting a building inspection done before you buy. You may scoff and think that you would never be so unwise as to purchase a new home without doing your homework. But shockingly, according to […]

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The Circle of Money…and Why Our Property will Boom

Economists talk about the “multiplier effect” of money. In simple terms this is when a business gets paid, uses the money to pay employees, suppliers and tax, and then that money in turn is spent by the employees, suppliers and the government at other businesses who in turn use this to pay their employees, suppliers […]

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3 ways downsizers are crucial to the national property market

Having a healthy supply of property is essential for the overall mobility of the market, but some areas are struggling to provide the amount of homes that are needed. SQM Research revealed that in October, the national number of property listings was down 0.1 per cent. Some capitals felt the pressure more than others, as […]

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Should you consider commercial property investment?

With so much of the real estate market discussion focused on residential, it’s sometimes easy for people to forget that there are lucrative investment opportunities in other sectors. While it’s true that huge growth has been seen in housing, some industry commentators are beginning to speak of an impending downturn. In October 2015, QBE’s Australian […]

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Residential property market set to stay strong

The residential property market shows no sign of slowing down, as CoreLogic RP Data’s Australian Residential Development Outlook Spring Edition has forecast continuing solid activity into 2016. It’s good news for people looking to increase their level of property investment, with the construction of a huge supply of new dwellings meaning there’s a bounty of […]

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Client stories

Belinda and Ashley Benson

Borrowing money can get awfully complicated and that’s where having the right mortgage broker made all the difference for...

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Elly & Nic Marie

It was Christmas Eve 2015 and Elly Marie and her husband Nic were busy with their new baby and planning their upcoming wedding in...

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Alison Bromley

Having sacrificed and worked hard to save the money for the deposit for her first house, Alison Bromley became overwhelmed at the...

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