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3 tips for saving while paying off a mortgage

Paying off a mortgage can be a lofty task indeed. With those weekly payments coming out of your account, you may have nothing left for other financial goals such as saving for a holiday or perhaps even making extra mortgage repayments. It doesn’t have to be that way. With smart advice courtesy of one of […]

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A quick resident’s guide to purchasing an old home

The Australian home ownership dream often features a detached character villa and a few hundred square metres of lush lawn. In fact, a recent study by Grattan Institute found almost 70 per cent of Australians think a residence being detached is one of the most important features when buying. When purchasing such a building, there’s a […]

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What does failing to inspect a property really cost?

Nobody wants to end up accidentally buying a home that doesn’t live up to expectations. It would be incredibly frustrating to use your home loan on a property that then ends up requiring even more capital to bring up to standard. However, people across Australia still continue to sign off on sales without doing their […]

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The Truth About Fixed Rate Loans

With interest rates at an all-time low, taking the option of locking in an interest rate on your home loan to guard against possible future fluctuation may be attractive. However, it pays to know the ins and outs of fixed-rate loans before committing to one. When purchasing a property, borrowers can decide between fixed-interest loans […]

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A short guide to moving home

Are you happy with your current home? Do you want to move somewhere bigger? Smaller? Closer to work? Nearer to family? Whatever the reason for your move, it can be a daunting task to find a home loan, uproot yourself and your family and head to somewhere new. Even once you’ve found your perfect property, […]

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3 tips for buying a house at auction

Buying at auction is an adventure as well as a business strategy. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking and can end up with someone spending more than they intended. If you buy at auction correctly, however, you can walk away with an absolute bargain. Whether you are buying for investment or simply looking for a new family home, it is imperative […]

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4 smart additions to any home

Whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned investor, it always pays to know what Australians want in a property. If you can ensure your property has what people want then your house is far less likely to spend a long time languishing on the market. But just what is it that Aussies […]

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What should you look for in a home before buying?

If you’re looking to use your first home loan and enter the property market, be wary of misinformation. One of the most important things to remember is that homes often look different in the flesh compared to the glossy photos posted online or in a brochure. The property is being presented for sale, thus all […]

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3 ways to pay off your mortgage faster

If you’re interested in climbing in to the property market, chances are you’re probably going to need a home loan. The Observations on the value of mortgage broking report commissioned by the Mortgage and Financial Association of Australia made some interesting findings, including the fact that the home loan industry has shown growth for almost 100 […]

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Client stories

Nick Tinning and Naomi Parkes

Nick Tinning and fiancée Naomi Parkes thought securing a loan to build their house would be relatively...

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Vanessa Schefe

Vanessa and her partner Brett wanted to buy a new home and approached several big banks for a loan. Not only did they have no...

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Elly and Nic Marie

It was Christmas Eve 2015 and Elly Marie and her husband Nic were busy with their new baby and planning their upcoming wedding in...

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