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How much can I borrow?

Discover your maximum home loan borrowing power across 30 different lenders with our how much can I borrow calculator

Making extra repayments

See what impact extra home loan repayments will have on reducing the life of your loan with our extra repayments calculator

Home loan repayments

Work out your weekly, fortnightly or monthly home loan repayments with our home loan repayments calculator

Lump sum calculator

See how a lump sum extra repayment could reduce your home loan with our lump sum calculator

Income tax calculator

Find out how much tax you need to pay at different income levels with our income tax calculator

Stamp duty calculator

Learn how much stamp duty will cost for your property with our stamp duty calculator

Investment property purchase

Calculate the initial purchase costs and ongoing yearly financials for an investment property with our investment property calculator

Compare different home loans

Not sure which loan to choose? Compare two home loans costs and savings with our home loan comparison calculator

Split home loan calculator

Calculate your repayments and total interest under different fixed and variable rate scenarios with our split home loan calculator

Budget planning

Create a personal budget using our detailed budget planner calculator

Saving for your home

Figure out how much you can save using our simple saving plan calculator

Introductory calculator

Find out the discounted interest rate at the start of your honeymoon loan with our introductory calculator