Income tax calculator

Not sure how much your salary will be after tax? The Smartline income tax calculator can help you. Just enter your income details below and the Smartline income tax calculator will estimate how much your salary will be after tax. Our home loan repayment calculator will also help you work out your weekly, monthly or annual loan repayments.

Income Tax Calculator

What is an income tax calculator?

To estimate how much tax you need pay this financial year, use our simple income tax calculator. It will give you a guide to how much income you will need to put aside to pay your taxes at the end of the financial year.

The benefit of using an income tax calculator

Could you be eligible for a tax refund? Or are you keeping enough funds aside?

Using our income tax calculator will give you an instant guide to how much tax you should paying.

If you find the amount of tax you pay on your income statement is noticeably higher than what the income tax calculator estimates, you may be eligible for a tax return.

Alternatively, you may find you need to save more money to meet your tax obligations. If you’re having trouble working out how much tax you need to pay, speak to an accountant.

How to use the income tax calculator?

Using the income tax calculator is easy. Simply enter your income into the field provided and get your tax estimate.

Please note, the calculator is just an estimate and does not include additional payments you may need to make such as HECS-HELP debt, the medicare levy and capital gains..

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