Extra repayment calculator

Not sure how much you can save by making extra loan repayments? Let our extra repayment calculator help you. Simply enter your existing loan details, plus additional contribution details and the Smartline calculator will estimate how much time and interest you can save by paying off more than your minimum loan repayments. Our budget calculator will also help you work out how much additional repayments you can make towards your loan.

Extra repayment calculator

Why it pays to use an extra repayment calculator

Want to pay off your home loan sooner? Use our extra repayment calculator to see how much quicker you can own your property outright.

Making even small extra repayments to your loan can make a big difference to the length of your loan. Just $10 extra a week could mean three or four less home loan repayments, saving you thousands.

Curious to know how much you can save on your home loan?

Just enter your loan details into the calculator. But remember, some loans don’t allow you to make additional repayments or have limits on the extra repayments you can make.

How to use the extra home loan payments calculator

To use the extra home loan payments calculator you’ll need to enter the following information about your current home loan:

  • Loan amount. The amount of money you are borrowing.
  • Payment frequency. How often you will be making your payments – weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Interest rate. The interest rate you pay on your loan.
  • Loan term. Length of time your loan lasts.
  • Extra contribution. The extra amount of money you will contribute to your loan.
  • Extra contribution starts after. What date your extra contribution will start.

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