The smarter way to choose your first home loan

Taking out your first home loan can seem a bit daunting – but not when you have an expert on your side. A Smartline Mortgage Adviser can show you how much you can borrow, and take care of all the details and paperwork for you.

What can a Smartline Adviser do for first home buyers?

Offer invaluable advice and guidance

Starting out in the property market can feel overwhelming. Your Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser is with you at every step providing the expert guidance and answers you need to feel confident about your decisions.

Make everything easy to understand

They’ll walk you through different scenarios and clearly explain how much you can borrow, all the costs involved, and what to expect on your journey to buying your first home.

Help you get loan pre-approval

If you're still hunting for your dream home, your Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser can help you organise pre-approval so you know exactly how much you can spend on your first home.

Find and secure a better loan for you

Your Smartline Adviser will listen to your needs, future plans and more. Then they compare options from over 30 leading lenders and negotiate on the one that really works for you – so you never lose sleep wondering if you missed out on something better.

Apply for first homebuyer incentives

If you're eligible for the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) your Smartline Mortgage Adviser can lodge the application and all supporting documents for you.