Refinance Home Loan

Refinancing, or switching home loans, can save you money.

It can also free up cash for renovations, investment property and other purchases. First, you need to know if it’s worth doing, where you stand and what’s involved in refinancing your home loan.

  • Why refinance?

    Home loan refinancing can mean securing a loan that better suits your needs today. Learn some great reasons to refinance – and important things to consider before you do.
  • Refinancing costs

    As with any new loan, there are costs involved in changing loans. It’s important to weigh up what you’ll need to pay out against all the benefits of refinancing your home loan.
  • Potential savings

    Discover some of the ways you can save thousands by refinancing to a new home loan – and it’s not always about securing a lower interest rate.
  • Accessing home equity

    Find out how using the equity in your home to refinance can help you achieve your property, wealth creation and personal goals.
  • How to refinance

    Learn the steps to refinance your home loan and how easy it can be when you get a Smartline mortgage broker to look after everything.