Arranging your home or investment loan can be a time-consuming, confusing and frustrating process. Why do it yourself, when there are so many benefits to using a Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser?


Deal directly with one mortgage expert

Your Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser is with you every step of your loan journey. No call centres, or being passed around to strangers - just very personal service from one expert who understands you and your unique needs.

Have a highly qualified broker in your corner

Dealing with banks and other lenders on your own can be challenging. Your skilled, experienced and accredited mortgage Adviser will assess and shortlist loan options, then negotiate a great deal for you.

Know that you won’t miss that better deal

Your Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser will compare loan options from a wide range of leading banks and lenders to unearth one that really works for you - so you'll never lay awake wondering if you missed out on the right one.

Learn how to save more on your mortgage

The amount you borrow, the deposit you save, the loan you choose, the way you structure it – they can all have a huge impact on your repayments. Your broker can clearly explain different scenarios and smarter ways to set up your mortgage.

Settle on your home sooner

It can be a long road to settlement - finding loans, negotiating, doing paperwork, overcoming hurdles - especially if you DIY. Your broker has the expertise to secure you the loan and home you want, sooner.

Save time, effort and stress

In addition to doing all your loan hunting, deal haggling, legwork and paperwork, your Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser can meet wherever and whenever it suits you. Everything is just easier and more convenient.