A career crossroad set a bright new direction

Ruby Kennedy

After more than seven and a half years with a big four bank as a home loan specialist, Ruby Kennedy decided it was time for her next career challenge.

“For me, mortgage advisory was a natural progression because I love doing home loans and helping customers,” Ruby explains. “The alternative was to move into a management position within the bank, but I knew that wasn’t right for me.”

Ruby says that being her own boss and having access to a much broader selection of lending products meant she was better placed to serve her clients.

“At the bank, if I couldn’t offer the right product to suit a client’s needs, I had to refer them to a mortgage adviser,” she says. “Now, with access to a really varied selection of lenders and products, I can just get on with what I love most about my work – helping clients.”

Ruby has most enjoyed the flexibility of setting her own work hours and is working toward her first business goal – setting up an office – to satisfy her need to work in a structured office environment away from home.

“Smartline offers a refreshing team-based environment with loads of technical, IT and marketing support – actually, this was one of the most appealing aspects of working under the Smartline umbrella,” Ruby says.

“The goals I have for my business are tough, but I have absolute confidence that I’m going to receive all the support I need to achieve them.”.

Ruby’s tips for getting started in your business:

Stay disciplined and motivated.

Building a client base and maintaining those relationships takes time and effort. It’s a different world, and you’re now your own boss, so set yourself goals and targets, and review them – and your business plan – regularly.

Speak with people who are already doing what you want to do.

Speak to as many people as you can, particularly those who have transitioned in a way that matches your own circumstances. Do your research before you take the plunge