A Lifestyle Choice

For Janet Harrison, joining Smartline in 2015 provided her with the right job at the right time.

“I have always been interested in houses and figures and I thought this would combine both,” says Janet. “The timing was right, as my children are largely self-sufficient, so I can dedicate the time required to the business.”

The job also gives Janet the flexibility she needs right now. We all have responsibilities outside of work, and that’s something that many jobs simply can’t accommodate.

“Being a personal mortgage adviser means I can work my own hours, when and where I choose to. I can start work early in the morning, take my child to school, help my aged mother-in-law, then come back to the office for a while, take my child to sports in the afternoon, and visit clients in the evening if necessary.”

Starting something new is always hard, and coming from the aged care industry, Janet had a steep learning curve to follow.

“The biggest challenge for me was not knowing everything before stepping into my first client’s home. I’ve had to learn to go with the flow and generally people appreciate your honesty and candor if you’re unsure of something. I just let them know that I will find a solution and get back to them.”

“It’s a complex industry, with so many variations. Every deal is different and throws up new challenges. But that is the fun part too… the challenge of the job.”

Janet says while she was apprehensive at first, it’s all been working well. “Generally people seek out a broker because they know nothing about the lending process and they are just happy when you can answer their questions!

Janet’s tips for getting started in your business:

Thoroughly research the industry and ask lots of questions

Ask brokers, ask others in the industry and google everything.

Talk to family to get their support

Both moral and financial. It is a commission based business, so you will need funds to get you through the initial period before the payments start coming in.

Give yourself time to learn

As there is a lot to take in especially if coming from out of industry. This business is fluid, so it is a continual learning curve – jump in and go for it, but go with the flow.

Be organised

It is easy to become overwhelmed by all the learning, the changes and the paperwork. Finish one file completely before moving onto the next.