Changing with the times

Steve Long spent 34 years working across a range of finance and banking roles for most of the major banks.

“It was always the lending roles that gave me the most satisfaction,” says Steve. “So I decided I would become the master of my own destiny.”

Steve took the step to go out on his own as a mortgage broker in 2016. Now six months in, he is very happy with his decision.

“It’s incredibly rewarding being able to help people buy that new home, car, boat or business. I also love the interaction with people,” says Steve.

Even the challenge of new products and lending situations are a positive for him – “it gets the brain working,” he says.

Steve is also placing himself where he feels the future is. “It’s an exciting time for us in this industry because banks are changing. They are trying to increase profits – and that means increasing the use of technology and reducing staff and premises. Brokers already make up around 52% of all loans written, and with the way banks are heading, I think this will continue to increase.”

While he had a few nerves about starting out, Steve says mostly it was just extremely exciting.

“Smartline really help you through the early months and beyond which is a massive assistance when starting out on your own. They do everything they can to help make you successful.”

His only regret?

“I really wish I had done this years ago. I love the flexibility of running my own business, the satisfaction of assisting clients obtain what is important to them and the excitement of success.”

Steve’s tips for getting started in your business:

Do your research when choosing your franchise

Talk to existing franchisees from those companies you are considering to get an understanding of the good and the bad.

Preparation and planning are essential

Make sure you understand exactly what you will need to be ready to start your business (e.g. study and technology), and how you intend to operate.

Ask yourself the hard questions

Do you have the contacts to be a success? Do you have the personality to be able to source business? Are you the right person for this type of business? Be honest with yourself.

Be prepared financially

Make sure you can pay the bills until you start getting a revenue stream. I set up lending options prior to leaving my previous employment