Choosing a new direction

Lana Moy had a well-paid job in the lending industry prior to joining Smartline, so it wasn’t an easy decision to start something new out on her own.

“Having been in the industry a long time and being well-known to many, it was scary to leave. I can honestly say the hardest thing was handing in my resignation,” she says.

Lana realised her passion for customer service, her unique lending experience and her extensive list of contacts would allow her to provide a great service as a mortgage broker. So far she has no regrets.

“I am the happiest I have ever been. I have clear goals and am excited about the future,” she says. “I have always worked hard but now I can see my own business grow as a result of my hard work, and I can be authentic and genuine in my client care. I really get a buzz out of achieving a great result for my clients. It’s one of the few jobs where you can achieve flexibility and good pay.”

Lana chose Smartline over other franchises for a number of reasons. “Their values match mine – they are dedicated to providing an excellent customer service. Smartline also provide us with a huge amount of support including marketing, IT, training and business development; the value of this far outweighs the commission I pay them. Smartline are my rock – I cannot ask for anything better.”

Lana says her biggest challenge is finding the time to work on her business. “I strongly suggest using an admin assistant to submit loans. You can easily get caught up in the administration and lose sight of what you are good at.”

Lana’s tips for getting started in your business:

Follow the 90 day program

and take advantage of the sales coach that Smartline provides.

Engage and give back to your community

If you are a member of club, sponsor them! Volunteer and be on the committee.

Talk to your fellow Smartline brokers

you are a team, not a competitor. If you don’t know any of them, just ask Smartline.

Buy a loan book if possible.

This provides you with income from beginning and, importantly, a database of clients you can market to.

Brand your car

Smartline will help fund this. It's a no brainer and can lead to productive leads and community awareness.

Talk to people

acquaintances, friends and family. It’s such a basic thing but let people know what you do, how passionate you are and how you can help them.