“I can’t get no satisfaction …” – yes, you can!

Smartline broker Raksmey OK finds being a mortgage broker extremely rewarding for two reasons.

First and foremost, helping others is what Raksmey is about.

“What could be better than helping people realise their dreams?” says Raks. “Or finding solutions to people’s problems? These things give me a great sense of personal satisfaction, so being able to do this for a living is perfect.”

Raksmey also loves the flexibility that comes from owning his own business. It means he can work around his personal life, rather than having to be part of the daily 9 to 5 grind, and he can work as much or as little as he likes.

“It comes down to what you want from life,” he says. “I have been able to help a credit-impaired client get their first loan; it was a great feeling to be able to help someone who had been through some hardship. I have also helped many families save lots of money by finding them a great rate –it’s wonderful to know you’re appreciated.”

In addition, Raksmey has found a strong sense of personal satisfaction from the new relationships he has made through his business. “These relationships have not only helped my business grow but have allowed me to expand my networks and associate myself with a wider group of professionals than I would otherwise have been able to connect with,” he says.

With the benefit of hindsight, Raksmey has some tips for someone just starting out in the business:

Networking is essential. Attend networking groups and events and get to know others in the industry

If you start by listening to others about their business, and finding out how you can help them, the rest will follow.

Social media marketing. It’s easy, cheap and quick to establish

If you can get good at it, it will work for you practically all by itself.

Work closely with real estate agents. Attend open homes, offer to help and aim to become their “in-house broker”

This provides them with a service that adds value to their business and can generate regular referrals for you. Hand out flyers about your service at the open home, or go one step further and design a co-branded flyer with the real estate agent.

Find some referral partners, especially if you are new to the lending game, such as solicitors and conveyancers

Whist, referrals may be minimal, the benefit of having one of these on your team who you trust shouldn’t be overlooked. By referring regularly and building trust, they are able to go above and beyond to ensure things go smoothly for your client.