Single dad looking for flexibility

After two years as a Smartline mortgage broker, Steve Roddick is enjoying the freedom of being self-employed.

“I’m a single dad so having the flexibility to work from home is a great bonus,” he says.

Steve is also now doing what he loves – something we all aspire to!

“My goal was to work from home and help people. I have always had a passion for property so becoming a mortgage broker just made sense. I love the interaction with others and I get a real kick out of helping someone get their loan approved.”

Steve says he was also inspired by his own mortgage broker, who was excellent. “I know how valuable a good broker is – over the years he assisted me with commercial and business loans as well as car and property loans.”

Choosing which franchise to go with wasn’t all that difficult for Steve in the end, as Smartline was really the only feasible option. “I compared Smartline with three other groups; one didn’t return my call, and the others all wanted a shopfront and a large scale upfront franchise fee. The Smartline model of being referral based, as opposed to postcode based, also appealed to me.”

Two years on, Steve says he is glad he chose Smartline. “The beauty about Smartline is the support, which includes coaching and mentoring, IT, marketing and peers who are more than willing to help you anytime.”

Steve’s tips for getting started in your business:

Network. Get out and start networking from day 1

I relied on a large database of names and was therefore slow to get going on building more personal relationships in my local area.

Follow up every lead. My best client so far in terms of volume came from an internet lead

so far this lead has meant six properties purchased or refinanced, so you just never know.

Do your annual review

I think you should never be too busy that you cannot touch base with your client annually.

Smartline will help you

just go for it.