Smartline the match for Chris’ personal values

Chris GoldenBased in the Sunshine State’s Hervey Bay, Chris Golden recognised a kindred spirit in Smartline.

Chris researched a number of franchise options, and selected Smartline for two main reasons: the group was the most awarded by the MFAA for, among others, franchisee satisfaction, and he liked Smartline’s unique operating model.

“I felt Smartline offered a more appealing structure with the most personal freedom,” Chris explains. “After speaking with franchisees and ex-franchisees with the other brands, I knew the support model and operating structure offered by Smartline best suited me.”

Chris entered into his business with no illusions.

“It’s been exciting – and sometimes a bit scary – but I came into this expecting exactly that,” he said.

“My father and brother operated their own businesses, and in my banking career I dealt mainly with self-employed people, so I understood the difficulties and challenges, as well as the advantages and opportunities running a business offers.”

Five months into his business, Chris has three deals in place with an average loan size of $400,000. He has sought regular assistance from Smartline’s head office for systems and marketing support, all of which have been met with enthusiasm by Smartline’s staff.

“The most difficult aspect has been building my business from scratch. I know it will take time, but I have strong self-belief and the tenacity, intelligence and commitment to make my business a success.”

Chris’ tips for getting started in your business:

Identify what’s important to you.

One of the critical factors in my decision was to have the freedom to market myself and serve clients beyond my office base. I have that freedom with Smartline.

Talk to as many people as possible.

I spoke with a large number of brokers from the majority of the franchise brands and, having elected to join Smartline, six months down the track, I’m very happy with my decision.

Work with a franchise that supports your values.

It was clear that Smartline wants Smartline people to achieve success. I found other franchisor groups placed more importance on the brand than the franchisees.