Work anytime in a way that suits my lifestyle!

Joshua had spent 12 years in the banking and finance industry when he decided to start his own business as a mortgage adviser.

“I felt I could use the existing relationships I had made from my career in the industry so far, and build a successful business of my own. I thought this decision would be the best long term plan for my family and I,” says Joshua.

With numerous options to consider – such as joining other franchises or just going it alone – Joshua chose Smartline based on discussions with existing franchisees.

“They provided me with the confidence that the Smartline brand was very strong out in the marketplace,” Joshua says. “Once I started working with Smartline, I could see they were right – it feels just like joining a big family!”

For Joshua, the best part about having his own business is that his efforts are rewarded directly. “I feel rewarded professionally, mentally and financially,” he says. “Flexibility is the other key benefit – I can work anytime in a way that suits my lifestyle.”

Joshua is enjoying his new career so far. “I really enjoy building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients and business partners, and I find it incredibly satisfying to see my clients achieve their financial objectives.”

Of course, there will always be challenges when starting a new business. For Joshua, the biggest challenge was a mental one – that is, overcoming the fear of not having a regular fortnightly salary in the bank account.

“All you can do is have confidence in yourself that you will get the business, and that the income will start to flow in,” he says. “I was very unsure that I could make it work, to begin with, but less than 12 months in, I’m confident now that it will be a long-term success.”

Joshua’s tips for getting started in your business:

Always be confident in your decision making

Clients can see when you aren’t confident and are not likely to work with you.

Always ask questions if you feel you need to

You can’t know everything and clients appreciate that you just want to get the right answer for them.

You don’t need to work around the clock

Ensure you provide yourself with enough time to re-charge the body so you can be at your most productive.