This was our first experience in buying a home. Other than doing a bit of research into what products would be suitable for our needs and the rates the market had to offer, we were basically clueless. I had been asking friends who have been through the experience presumably all the same questions every new person to this and then one turned around and said “f$(k going through all that with the banks, here is the broker we used as she was great”. Never truer words have spoken. He gave me Clelia’s details and the rest is history. Like most people these days, we’re busy, and upon reflection I’ve got no idea how we would have coordinated everything required with a branch broker. When I had a question, even if not necessarily directly associated with my application but perhaps around the buying process or other steps, Clelia was always on hand to answer or point us in the right direction. Comms were good. We’re happy with the Bankwest product we’ve ended up with. That’s about it. We’ll be recommending smartline and Clelia to anyone that asks.