Amanda Pascoe – Personal Mortgage Adviser

I am a passionate, reliable and friendly mortgage adviser who is dedicated to providing a first class service.

My considerable lending experience means I have an excellent understanding of the mortgage products and services on the market and the policies and structures that affect the industry today. I can assist all borrowers, and particularly enjoy helping first home buyers and those looking to create a solid financial future through property investment.

Being a great mortgage adviser is about more than just finding a mortgage that works. It’s about truly getting to know your clients and understanding the whole picture – where they’ve been, where they are headed and where they want to be. By working for the client, not the bank, I can find loan solutions that suit each unique individual, both in terms of their current needs and their future life expectations. The best loans are part of a grander plan that sets clients up for the future.

I feel that my capacity for open, honest and non-judgemental discussion means I can help people work out what they want and work towards it, without the stress and anguish that can sometimes come with lending.

I am also extremely tenacious and never give up. We all have our challenges, and I work with my clients to overcome any financial hurdles. My varied and extensive lending experience, which includes the extremely challenging specialty of automotive and equipment finance, means I am good at looking outside the box for solutions when others may have given up.

I also go in to bat for my clients whenever necessary in negotiating with lenders. I know what lenders need in the various circumstances borrowers can find themselves in, and can assist clients in working towards a successful loan application.

I am truly passionate about helping people and have a genuine love of making other people happy. I work hard for every client to find a solution for their situation, and always strive to exceed my client’s expectations.

I am able to assist enquiries Australia wide and have a strong presence in Brisbane and Melbourne.