More competition is the answer

You may have noticed a growing number of lenders are lifting their variable interest rates at the moment.

When any business, including banks, increases the price of their product, their greatest fear is losing clients.

The more competitive a market is, the harder it is to raise prices. Which is why we are very pleased to announce the inclusion of two additional lenders to Smartline’s panel. More competition is the answer.

HSBC – HSBC is one of the biggest banks in the world and they bring a range of very competitive products to the table.  They also have a number of niche credit policies that help Aussie expats and working visa holders.  This is also a great bank for international travellers.

Qudos – Formerly known as the Qantas Credit Union.  Again, this lender has a range of very competitive offers and a few niche credit policies that will allow us to help more of our clients.  You may have heard their brand in relation to the Qudeos Arena in Homebush.

These two lenders have lifted our total number of mortgage products to over 900. However, in this era of tight credit policy, it is the wider range of solutions that matters just as much as price.

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