Supply and demand – more questions than answers

RP Data / Corelogic have recently published some observations that challenge the grey cells.

In particular, the comparison between units and houses in every capital city can generate a lot of questions relating to supply and demand.
Some of the more interesting questions that can be seen in this table below are:

1. Sydney units now have a higher median price than Melbourne houses. Does this reflect a general under supply of dwellings in Sydney or is Melbourne ready for a capital growth period?
2. Does the gap between houses and units in Canberra of 44% point to an oversupply of units or an under supply of houses?
3. The capital with the smallest % gap between houses and units is Perth. Does this reflect an oversupply of houses or an under supply of units?
4. Does Hobart’s large % gap between houses and units reflect a low demand for units?
5. Could the small gap between houses and units in both Brisbane & Adelaide reflect a large supply of land for houses?

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All of the above questions can only be answered confidently with solid research.

Many people will tell you that trying to “time your entry” into the property market (for maximum capital growth) is a fools paradise, however, we beg to differ. Research is the key.

If you are looking to enter the property market for the 1st, 2nd or even 20th time, please make sure you use Smartline as part of your research process. We have access to a range of information that could tip the odds in your favour.

We could also prepare your finance so that you are ready to move quickly when a well researched opportunity presents itself.

Please give me a call. I would be more than happy to help you get the ball rolling.

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