Cassandra Thong – Personal Mortgage Adviser

With over 25 years’ experience and an empathetic approach, Cassandra guides her clients through the borrowing process with insightful advice and expertise.

‘The first step in finding a finance solution is to understand what the client’s needs and wants are,’ she says. ‘When arranging a loan for my clients, I take a holistic approach ensuring that their short term, medium term and long term needs are accounted for.’

Cassandra emphasises the importance of fostering great relationships and proactively puts her clients first during loan negotiations. ‘I have worked as a broker and financial planner for over 25 years, and have a diverse and in-depth knowledge of loan policies and the financial market, a well-informed understanding of clients’ financial needs, and a strong network of industry contacts. This allows me to effectively advocate for my clients’ best interests to ensure a positive outcome,’ she says.

Throughout her career, Cassandra has held roles with major banks; mortgage brokers; and financial planning companies. She has a proven track record for developing new business, successfully building strong relationships and networks within the industry, and enabling business growth.

‘Through the years, I have gained high-level knowledge in all facets of lending and finance. As a mortgage adviser, I am proud to use this knowledge and expertise to help my clients attain their financial goals.’