David Brett – Personal Mortgage Adviser

David is a dedicated, approachable and extremely client-focused mortgage adviser who will go to great lengths to ensure your lending needs are met.

He knows that communication is the key to getting great loans for his clients.

“I’m a great listener, which means that once I meet you, I will truly understand your financial needs and goals,” says David. “When I understand these unique lending requirements, I can match them with the right loan.”

David seeks to create long term relationships with his clients and to this end, will take a long term approach to your lending needs. “Understanding your long term goals is essential to ensure we make the right lending choices along the way,” he says.

David also prides himself on providing an outstanding customer service.

“I stay in close communication with my clients – before, during and after the lending process – to answer any queries and ensure you remain on the right track towards building a successful financial future. I am always happy to explain financial details in clear English to make sure people can make informed decisions. I am 100% committed to each client and to delivering an efficient, friendly, trustworthy and personalised service.”

David is also happy to work with real estate agents and conveyancers whenever necessary, to take away some of the stress and hassle from the lending process.

David’s previous experience in senior IT roles with a number of financial institutions means he understands the importance of managing projects from start through to finish and ensuring no detail gets missed. He is an analytical details man and a problem solver, which comes in handy when lenders throw up complicated financial challenges that need to be solved swiftly so that your loan can be approved.

David can assist all borrowers and is fully mobile in Adelaide and its surrounding areas.