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So you’re getting a pool? A few things to consider before jumping in!

I spoke with Josh from Icon Pools in Victoria and asked him what you should know when you are looking at installing a swimming pool. Have a read below and learn more about what you should be doing if you are planning on buying a pool. Josh has provided some great advice and if you need some finance to build you pool please call me on 0411 777 876. Even if you are in another state there will be relevant reference points in each state.


It may sound silly but it’s an important question to ask yourself and one that any competent pool builder should be asking when first approached. You are about to part with thousands of dollars so you need to be sure that you are getting what you want. Some clients will be family focused, others more exercise orientated and others want an easily heated spa to slip into after work. These basic ideas will ultimately drive the design of your pool or spa and will impact on elements such as sanitation, heating, cleaning and most importantly you and/or your family’s enjoyment.

Concrete or fibreglass?

Concrete pools are the most flexible when it comes to planning and the most durable form of construction. They are built on site and allow you or your designer to customise the design to make the most of your available space. It can also provide opportunities to help set up the architecture of your home and garden by acting as a foundation for a retaining wall or indeed your house walls. You will also have the opportunity to tile your concrete pool or spa with mosaic tiles which truly completes the look. Another popular finish is a quartz render and a simple band of tiles around the top, known as waterline tiles. Concrete pools take time to install and typically it would take between 3 -6 months to complete a project depending on the work being carried out around it.

Fibre glass

These pools have come along in leaps and bounds over the years with many home owners choosing this typically more economical option. They can now include floor cleaning systems (previously only in concrete pools) and the range of designs seems to be expanding exponentially. Each supplier will have a set of prefabricated designs ready to go – all you need do is make your selection. Having done this your builder will arrange delivery and installation. The massive advantage to these pools is the ease of installation and speed at which you can be swimming. From excavation through to swimming can take as little as 4 days!

How much does a pool cost?

Down to brass tacks now. Concrete pools are typically more expensive than fibre glass pools given the customised nature of construction and design. Budgets can vary from 50k to well over 200k and more, however most family sized concrete pools of 8m x 4m with solar heating would be in the vicinity of 60- 80k depending upon a range of options. A few other factors that can impact on price are: · Soil type · Machinery access for excavation · Pool covers · Sanitation type · Automated floor cleaning or robotic cleaner Find a pool builder you trust and discuss in depth where unforeseen expenses may occur such as those outlined above or others pertaining to your particular project design. It will help to have these factors discussed prior to design as they may well dictate the final outcome.

Design Design design!

This is a key element in the execution of a successful project. More and more families are choosing to invest in their home lifestyles and want to provide somewhere safe and enjoyable for their kids and friends to enjoy. With many spending in excess of 100K on pool and landscaping it is important to have a detailed plan that your contractors can follow. Planning eliminates grey areas and avoids disappointment, stress, anxiety and confrontations over misinterpreted conversations. Talk to your pool builder, architect or landscaper about design and do some research on what type of materials you would like to use. The more input you can provide the greater understanding there will be between you and your designer and the better the outcome for all. As part of your building permit application you will also need to submit plans for your pool fencing. Due to recent changes there is still some confusion amongst the general public as to how these changes apply. All new swimming pools and spas, in fact any body of water greater than 300mm in depth is required by law to be securely fenced as per Australian Standard.1926.1-2012. Talk to your pool builder about the options or if you want to get an over view of the regulations please visit the Swimming Pool And Spa Association of Victoria’s website or follow this link.

How to choose a builder?

There are many builders out there installing pools, so it can be quite confusing. A good place to start is the SPASA website which will give you a list of current Members to the industry body. SPASA members have been vetted by their peers and have provided evidence of their licencing and insurance arrangements prior to being affiliated so you know they have the required business structures in place. They have undergone further industry training and are bound by a code of ethics backed up by a customer complaints committee which is available to every client who has entered into a SPASA contract. Make sure you get at least 2 quotes and take the time to ensure you understand the inclusions & exclusions of both. Ask questions and if you are unsure contact SPASA directly for further information.

If you are in Victoria and are interested in a pool Josh can be contacted at Icon Pools Let him know you read this article.


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