Emmanuel (Jon) De Guzman – Personal Mortgage Adviser

Emmanuel ‘Jon’ De Guzman prides himself on the fact that he doesn’t ‘just’ secure a home loan for his clients – instead he helps them to achieve financial freedom as their trusted mortgage adviser.

“I tell my clients I want to help them to develop a plan for an easy retirement, using home loans to purchase properties that will help them to achieve that freedom.”

“While that’s my goal for all my clients, I still recognise that everyone is very different and that not every loan is perfect for everyone. Each client is a unique individual and I ensure I listen to each person’s needs and respond accordingly.”

Emmanuel’s extensive knowledge as a result of 15 years’ experience in the finance industry, including 11 years as a Smartline Adviser, is complemented by a commitment to outstanding customer service.

“Excellent customer service is a ‘not negotiable’ for me, it’s something I pride myself on. Clients should never have to wait for answers to their questions and I always respond to emails and phone calls as a priority.”

Emmanuel assists all types of borrowers – particularly those looking to refinance an existing property or purchase a new property, and those wanting to start or grow their investment property portfolio. Many of his clients are self-employed.

His client base stretches throughout metropolitan Brisbane and Queensland, every capital city in Australia plus the UK, Philippines and Malaysia.


Jeamie De Guzman – Personal Mortgage Adviser

Whether you’re applying for a first home buyers loan, personal loan, leasing, or commercial/business financing, personal mortgage advisor Jeamie De Guzman is ready to offer a helping hand at every stage of your borrowing journey.

Friendly and approachable, Jeamie provides knowledgeable advice, support and clear explanations to ensure her clients can make informed decisions, and understand exactly what’s required and when as their application progresses.

‘I let my clients know how the process works so they know exactly what to expect,’ she says. ‘I also keep them up-to-date as much as possible so they’re never left waiting and wondering if they will get what they need.’

As an experienced professional, Jeamie works to the highest standards. Clients appreciate her reliability, responsiveness, attention to detail, and the fact that she always ‘under-promises and over-delivers’.

‘I have high expectations on any service providers I deal with, therefore I always put myself in my customers’ position to make sure they are satisfied with the level of service I am giving.’

Prior to joining Smartline, Jeamie worked in the Australian public service for 17 years and specialised in assisting taxpayers, small business owners and tax agents with their compliance obligations. ‘That included helping clients lodge documents, make payment arrangements and providing assistance with compliance matters.’

Jeamie is based in Holland Park and can assist with all types of loans.