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Debt Temptation devices

Today our focus is on Credit Cards, debt temptation devices. A very large number of people now count credit card repayments as one of their most significant monthly expenses. It has become disturbingly normal for us to see couples with combined credit card debts totalling more than $20,000. Despite the obvious dangers of credit cards, […]

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Could BREXIT Impact Our Interest Rates

Could BREXIT impact our interest rates? Realistically, we don’t think that anyone could accurately answer this question, however, the chart below indicates the RBA Board may be in a mood to cut the cash rate again. Although it appears a decision to cut rates is unlikely next Tuesday, the ASX futures market is predicting a […]

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Has Your Property Value Increased?

The answer to this question could potentially save you money. Almost every lender offers incentives for clients that own more of their property. If your property has risen in value, you could be eligible for a lower variable interest rate. Has your property value increased? We can help you with the answer. Smartline has the […]

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