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19 April 2018

Unbelievable personalised service. The best part was that you were kept updated regarding the progress of your application before during and after. I have dealt with many numerous Finance Brokers, working as a Conveyancer but I have never encountered one like Jason. His attention to detail and communication is to be highly regarded in every way.

Giovanna D

Adviser - Jason Tarca

23 March 2018

Ryan W

Adviser - Jason Tarca

22 December 2017

I wish I could rate Jason 6-7 stars out of 5. Jason was always available, approachable, knowledgable, and went above and beyond to resolve large issues with lending bodies that would have destroyed our dreams. I can not thank Jason enough for his advice, generosity and time.

Daniel J

Adviser - Jason Tarca

3 June 2017

Our experience working with Jason has always been brilliant, However I am disappointed in your evaluation procedure as it is unclear and misleading. I'm assuming the rating scale above means 1 is not good and 10 is the best? By not explaining the direction of the rating scale and then putting the 10 in the box upfront, people are led to the conclusion your company wants (people don't have to do anything for your advisors to get a 10). Such leading assumptions create a bias in the data and which renders it meaningless for research purposes. In other words it may not reflect the client's true feelings. I don't think there is any need to do this. If people chose to fill in the evaluation it is because they want to rate their agent anyway. It would also be meaningful to look at when clients are not willing to fill in the evaluation because that could be negative feedback about their agent.

Diana C

Adviser - Jason Tarca

10 May 2017

Tim P

Adviser - Jason Tarca

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