14 myths about real estate: A guide to selling your home


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Every home is different, and every market is unique, however many people make mistakes when it comes to selling their home. Selling a home is something that most people only do on average every seven years or so. Therefore it’s hard to develop a skill if you only use it every seven years!

For the past 25 years, both as a real estate agent – and most recently as the host of Selling Houses Australia and a columnist – Andrew Winter has been helping people sell homes and offering advice on the way to get the best result.

On the back of Andrew’s visit to Cairns in 2015 and presenting to a full house of property lovers where he shared his tips and advice specific to the Cairns market, I have personally gone on a search to extract more knowledge and wisdom from this property expert.

On his television show and through his readers and viewers, Andrew is regularly asked to solve questions relating to the worries and issues affecting property owners wanting to sell their homes. Over time, based on common questions, Andrew has identified 14 myths that have become entrenched in people’s thinking. These myths are:

  1. I don’t need a real estate agent

  2. The best way to choose an agent is to go for the cheapest commission

  3. I only need to advertise online

  4. If we renovate before we sell, we will get more money

  5. Buyers will see – and pay for – the potential of my home

  6. We should just put it on the market and see how we go

  7. Properties that go to auction always sell above reserve

  8. Auctions are an expensive way to sell

  9. My home will sell really quickly

  10. The best time to sell is spring

  11. I should list my home at a price higher than what I need so I can negotiate down

  12. You don’t need to quote a price guide

  13. I won’t sell unless I get exactly the price I want

  14. Property doubles in value every ten years, so my house is worth xxx

myths about real estate


I’m not going to expand on these myths here, as they are all covered in Andrew’s excellent publication titled “Myths about Real Estate”. If you’d like a copy just let me know, and I’ll email a copy to you (no cost).


I will also add that it pays to get smart mortgage advice prior to selling, just so you are confident in knowing that you’ve got the financial support you require for your future property plans post-sale.


Hope you find this information useful, and ultimately valuable in helping you to get the best price for the sale of your home.


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  1. “Myths about Real Estate”. If you’d like a copy just let me know, and I’ll email a copy to you (no cost).


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