3 benefits of using a real estate agent

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The average Australian now has access to a wealth of real estate information at his or her fingertips.

Property investments are more accessible than ever as people can use technology to equip themselves with data, expert opinions and investment advice to make a more informed choice about buying or selling property.

In addition to this, there are many disruptive digital real estate platforms emerging of late that are offering services such as flat-fee commissions or platforms that rate agent performance.

There is no doubt that technology is influencing the way we transact property, however in this article by Charles Tarby featured at switzer.com.au he encourages Australians to remember the value of human connections in real estate.

Here are three benefits that you may derive from choosing the right real estate agent.


1. Strong networks 

Properties can be listed and advertised across multiple digital platforms with virtually a click of a button.

Whilst this may allow plenty of exposure, the best outcome can often result from an agent who can successfully market your property offline as well.

Many agents are dedicated to building a client base and maintaining strong personal relationships. From this comes an understanding of the wants and needs of their clients and their individual property investment goals, which they may be able to match to your property.

The way an agent not only promotes your property, but also interacts with potential buyers, can make all the difference in achieving the best possible price for a listing.

2. Expert local knowledge 

Information that may be harder to find online is a thorough local knowledge, stemming from on-ground experience in a particular area.

As they have conducted numerous real estate transactions, agents will have an understanding of the drawcards of their area, what properties have been selling for, what is in demand, or the types of buyers that are interested.

This knowledge can be invaluable to help navigate the selling process, such as when you set the price for your property or attempt to negotiate the best possible outcome in light of local market conditions.

3. Working to achieve your property goals 

It is understandably tempting to choose an agent who charges a lower fee. It can be worthwhile to consider that the cheapest agent may not always be the best.

Instead, prospective vendors can benefit from focusing on the value offered by agents and the service they provide. Look for the agent who you believe offers the best opportunity to present your property and negotiate on your behalf. Premium results for your property may be achieved by choosing a motivated agent with a higher commission, rather than a discounted commission.

When looking to buy or sell property, it is worth taking the time to reach out and chat to different agents and consider what they offer. This may take a little time and effort but the benefits can outweigh this.

Working with a strong agent may be worth its weight in gold, as their skills and expertise can help you to make the most of your property goals.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that no one has a crystal ball to predict market conditions.

This is where it becomes crucial to conduct extensive research, carefully consider your personal financial circumstances and seek professional advice to weigh up all options when looking to transact property over the coming months.

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