Cairns News Report – 10th August 2019

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Welcome to this weeks edition of my Cairns News Report, a complimentary ‘week in review’ of all the pertinent news stories on what’s happening around Cairns.

A few of the top news stories from last week included:

  • Premier reveals $176 million convention centre expansion final design;
  • Advance Cairns lists the eight top priority infrastructure and policy areas in the lead-up to the 2020 federal and state budgets; and
  • Juvenile corals appear to be thriving at a Great Barrier Reef island that was ground zero to recent mass coral bleaching.

If you missed any of the top Cairns news stories from last week, here they all are in full below. Just click the title to read the full story.

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Jazzing Up City’s CBD Quite Balancing Act, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 05 Aug 2019

The first Sunday on Shields event has been met with praise from city businesses but time will tell if the project has a future. Organised by Cairns Regional Council, yesterday’s event was the first of many planned activities aimed at reviving the Cairns CBD. As well as free parking, the market stalls, live music, and performances will hopefully bring more visitors into the city to shop and eat until October 20.

Bid to Grow Exports, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 05 Aug 2019

A new study will drive jobs growth by focusing on Far North Queensland agricultural producers and exporters. The Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) and Advance Cairns have commissioned the report, to be completed by KMPG agribusiness expert Robert Poole, to identify gaps in agricultural supply chains and examine opportunities for FNQ producers to enter new export markets.

Tonnage Decrease at Port, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 05 Aug 2019

New shipping data has revealed a dramatic drop in cargo throughput at the Port of Cairns over the past five years. The North-East Shipping Management Plan has exposed a 36 per cent decrease in the tonnage of general and tourism cargo in Cairns in the four years to 2017. However, the number of carriers, cargo vessels and passenger ships has increased by 2.6 per cent.

Foreign Interests Have Grip on Sugar, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 05 Aug 2019

Australia needs to be “open for business, but not open to sell the shop”, Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie has warned as foreign interests snapped up part of an iconic Queensland industry. Sugar milling in Queensland is set to be 95 per cent majority foreign owned by next month. But a look at foreign ownership reveals one of the state’s biggest rural industries – beef, livestock and grazing land – has fallen in the past three years.

Senator Takes Punts on Weekend Cairns Trip, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 06 Aug 2019

The Cairns Show Association, Nullinga Dam proponents and the bookies at Cannon Park Racecourse have all found a new friend in Senator Susan McDonald. The Townsville-based Nationals senator visited Cairns over the weekend for the second time since the election.

Planning Key for Successful Future, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 07 Aug 2019

I once contacted the host of a podcast, to see if I could do a story about Cairns. The response was: “No. We only talk about cities.” I was stunned. The city-region divide is increasingly real, as we saw in the 2019 federal election. Cities – for policy makers and politicians – are where millions of people live, rather than 200,000 people live.

Chamber Mulls CEO Options, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 07 Aug 2019

A Nationwide recruitment campaign for a new captain to take the helm of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce ship is about to begin following the resignation of chief executive Debbie-Anne BenderA special management committee meeting will be held tomorrow with an outside consultant hired as a transition manager to help set the guidelines for what the organisation wants from a leader.



Pitching FNQ to World, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 07 Aug 2019

Re/max Cairns principal Tony Williamson has been chosen as an Australian speaker for the company’s fifth annual Asia Pacific Convention in New Delhi, India. The four-day event will allow Mr Williamson to spruik two of his great loves – Cairns and cricket.

Change May See Hub Go Through, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 07 Aug 2019

A Key change to a development application for a controversial Smithfield shopping centre now means the project could get a green light from the Cairns Regional Council without the public getting a say. Townsville-based Trinity Park Investments has been fighting to build a shopping centre on the Captain Cook Highway, opposite the Smithfield police station, since 2011 when the company first applied for planning permission.

Lantern Lane to Deliver, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 07 Aug 2019

Stockland Cairns’ newly announced Asian dining precinct will occupy the site of a previously proposed sports bar. The shopping centre at Earlville has revealed plans for Lantern Lane, a “vibrant and lively laneway” that will offer customers a unique and authentic Asian experience.

‘We’ll Do It Right’, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 08 Aug 2019

A Striking vision of the $176 million Cairns Convention Centre’s final expansion design has been revealed moments before the country’s most powerful politicians pack into the city. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has unveiled a shiny new plan for a building which tomorrow hosts the Council of Australian Governments.

Advancing the Call for a City Deal, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 08 Aug 2019

Beds for a bursting hospital, fixing a crumbling showground and positioning Cairns to ride shotgun on the back of unprecedented growth in the Pacific have climbed to the top of the political manifesto for the region’s chief advocacy body.

Protesters and Pollies All Primed, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 08 Aug 2019

Battle lines are drawn as Cairns prepares to host the nation’s most important intergovernmental forum. The Council of Australian Governments meeting will bring premiers and chief ministers from all state and federal governments as well as Prime Minister Scott Morrison to the belly of the Cairns Convention Centre.

Report Backs Regional Push, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 08 Aug 2019

A new report has reinforced what the city’s leaders have been saying for the past 12 months – Cairns needs more people to boost not only the Far North but also the rest of the country. Regional Australia Institute has called for a new national awareness campaign to promote the opportunities of living in regional Australia and help drive a population shift in coming decades.



Boost for Boarding, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 09 Aug 2019

A Smoother boarding process awaits passengers flying out of Cairns Airport as the first of the domestic terminal’s new reconfigured boarding gates are rolled out. The new gates, which are the latest step in the terminal’s $55 million upgrade, are designed to offer an improved layout and increased queuing space.

Premier Powers on With Major Projects, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 09 Aug 2019

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has flicked the switch on a $400 million wind farm and talked up a $176 million expansion of the Cairns Convention Centre ahead of today’s Council of Australian Governments summit. Ms Palaszczuk arrived at the Cairns Convention Centre yesterday, saying Far Northern state MPs had been “fighting hard” for the upgrade.

Morrison has Reef High on Agenda, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 09 Aug 2019

Scott Morrison has given the Cairns Post a rundown of the key issues he will prosecute at today’s COAG meeting – and the Great Barrier Reef is right up there. The Prime Minister will join the premiers and chief ministers of every Australian state and territory for the intergovernmental forum at the Cairns Convention Centre.

FNQ Could Play Host in Olympic Bid, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 09 Aug 2019

The roar and spectacle of Olympics soccer could play out in Cairns if the state and federal governments spread infrastructure investment beyond Queensland’s southeast corner. Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates yesterday met Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in Cairns ahead of the Council of Australian Governments forum today.

Data on Port Was ‘Flawed’, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 10 Aug 2019

Peter Carruthers corruption was discovered in statistics provided by MSQ.” Tonnage through the Port of Cairns actually increased by 40 per cent between 2014 and 2018 (financial years) according to the Ports North annual report. “Successful project cargo contracts for the Mount Emerald Windfarm and the Rio Tinto Amrun Mine construction supply contract have contributed to this increase as has securing the contract as the supply port for components for MSF’s $75 million Green Energy Power Plant,” a Ports North spokeswoman said.

Sellers’ Season but Buyers Can Benefit, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 10 Aug 2019

WINTER doesn’t just draw the southerners up for holidays, it also brings them up to pick up one of the Far North’s many stunning properties. Property searches on grew 23 per cent year-on-year in Queensland, according to statistics. It was above the national year-on-year growth of 19 per cent, with 94 million property searches each month. Nationally, inquiries on properties for sale grew 25 per cent.

Corals off Luxury Isle Good News for Reef, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 10 Aug 2019

Juvenile coral appear to be thriving at a Great Barrier Reef island that was ground zero for recent mass coral bleaching. It comes as a new marine heatwaves are a much larger threat to coral reefs than previously thought with coral starting to decay within weeks of being subjected to warmer water.

Extra Hurdle for Resort, Cairns Post e­-Paper – The Cairns Post ­ – 10 Aug 2019

The proponents of the proposed $650 million KURWorld eco-resort west of Cairns have written to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk demanding answers after being told they would have to upgrade the Kuranda Range road to the tune of $1 billion. It comes as the project’s chief operations officer Harry Sou quit, frustrated that after nearly four years of environmental impact statement, other studies and millions of dollars outlayed, there were still no approvals.



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