Cairns news report – 19th June 2021

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Joy As Flying Kiwis Land, The Cairns Post – 7 Jun 2021

PASSENGERS on board the first direct flight between Auckland and Cairns in the trans-Tasman bubble received a special welcome upon arriving, but their days ahead will be unforgettable. As more than 100 passengers filed off the Qantas flight on Saturday, waiting for them in the arrivals lounge was Finding Nemo mascots Nemo and Dory and Cairns Airport volunteers who cheered on.

Carving up Golf Course Project, The Cairns Post – 8 Jun 2021

PARADISE Palms is set to be divided into five separate parcels of land as a developer pushes ahead with plans to transform the former golf course into a $300m neighbourhood. The Palms owner Darren Halpin will find out whether his application to separate the 87ha Kewarra Beach property into five lots is successful after a decision from Cairns Regional Council’s planning and environment committee on Wednesday.

Decision due on 20-unit Project, The Cairns Post – 8 Jun 2021

NOW a beach suburb block is set for a 20-unit development with yards smaller than the average parking spot. The Lockhart Wellness Centre at 58-66 Johanna Rd in Trinity Beach was once home to flourishing businesses including a yoga studio, chiropractor, tai chi and kung fu school and convention space.

Councillors Furious Over Approvals, The Cairns Post – 10 Jun 2021

DECISIONS have dropped on four controversial developments in the city’s northern suburbs – including a split determination on the biggest project on everybody’s lips. Cairns Regional Council has ticked off a request from Paradise Palms owner Darren Halpin to carve the 87ha Kewarra Beach property into five parcels to make it “more manageable” as its redevelopment goes ahead.

Dollars in Decline The Cairns Post –11 Jun 2021

JUST 12,000 of 51,000 holiday vouchers issued to tempt holiday-makers to Queensland’s hard-hit tourist destinations have been used. The Cairns Post understands the strict terms and conditions around the use of the $200 and $100 Holiday Dollars vouchers have meant scores have been binned rather than booked.

Jobs Go Begging, The Cairns Post – 11 Jun 2021

EMPLOYERS frustrated over a severe worker drought have had salt rubbed into their wounds with data showing Cairns has the third highest number of JobSeeker recipients in the country. The latest figures show 5877 people in the 4870 postcode are receiving JobSeeker payments, with only Western Sydney and the outskirts of Melbourne recording higher numbers.

Crippling Crisis, The Cairns Post – 12 Jun 2021

A NATIONAL materials shortage is putting pressure on a construction gold rush in Cairns with builders having to absorb crippling costs they never saw coming. Builders offering fixed price contracts for new homes are being forced to take on “up to 25 per cent” price increases as stock for frames, trusses and roofs are stripped bare

Our Goal for City’s Olympic Legacy, The Cairns Post – 12 Jun 2021

CAIRNS as a satellite venue if Brisbane is chosen to host the 2032 Olympic Games would offer an immeasurable boost through legacy infrastructure and elevation of the region’s international tourism profile. Ahead of an expected International Olympic Committee decision to name Brisbane as the 2032 host city on July 20 the Far North is buzzing about what spin-off benefits could mean for the region.

Fund Focus on Film, The Cairns Post – 14 Jun 2021

IN A bid to lure film producers into shooting more blockbuster content in the Far North the state government will inject millions of dollars into the region’s screen industry. A feature of Tuesday’s state budget is an investment of $4m over four years to grow screen opportunities in the Far North through the North Queensland Regional Program. The funding is part of a statewide $71m screen investment.

Highway Gladness, The Cairns Post – 16 Jun 2021

THE city’s inner-southern commute is gliding at its smoothest rate in years as critical roadworks edge towards completion and leave northern motorists in the dust. Orange witches’ hats have been infuriating staples of the Woree-to-Portsmith stretch of the Bruce Highway since construction started in 2018, with lane closures and reduced speed limits all too familiar.

Paradise Shock Deal The Cairns Post – 19 Jun 2021

AN emotional and financially draining fight over a proposed $300m redevelopment of the former Paradise Palms golf course site has come to an end. The Save Paradise Palms group and Paradise Palms owner Darren Halpin have reached a shock agreement to cease all court action after more than two years battling over the future of the iconic site. A LONG-RUNNING legal appeal against the Paradise Palms redevelopment has been dropped with opponents reaching a shock agreement to cease all court action.


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