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Ever wondered how your money habits compare to everyone else’s?

ING Direct had a look at the spending habits of their Orange Everyday customers to find out where, when and how they spend their cash. Here’s the results:

  • Getting paid

Before the money goes out, the money has to come in – and the good news is, 94% of us have already been paid by the time the middle of the month rolls around,

Waiting until the end of the week for your pay to hit your bank account? You’re in the minority. Only 8% of us call Friday payday, making it the second least popular day to get paid after Monday (7%).  At the other end of the scale, 40% of us see our salary deposited midweek, making Wednesday the top payday for Orange Everyday customers, followed by Thursday (23%) and Tuesday (22%).

  • Withdrawing cash

PayWave is gaining in popularity, accounting for two-thirds of customer debit-card purchases, but visits to the ATM aren’t over just yet. We still make 4-6 ATM cash withdrawals a month, taking out around $170 each time.

  • Debit card spending

Few surprises here: lunchtime is peak spending time with a higher volume of debit card transactions taking place between 12-2pm than at any other time during the day.

On a daily basis, we spend the most on Friday (16%) and Saturday (16%), while on Sunday, the least popular day to spend, (12%) we give our Orange Everyday debit card a bit of a rest.

While most of our spending takes place in Australia (85%), our Orange Everyday also gets a bit of a workout overseas. Around 10% of spending takes place in North America, 2% in the UK and 1% in New Zealand.

  • How we spend

Housing is by far our biggest expense, but where does the rest of our money go?  Almost a third (29%) of our post rent/mortgage cash is spent on groceries, followed by our next biggest expense – fuel (8%).

After that, our cash is allocated fairly evenly.  We spend a bit more on leisure travel (5%) then we do on essential travel (4%), and spend slightly more at bars and restaurants (5%) than we do on clothing (4%).


Jason Thomson | Finance Broker and Mortgage Adviser | Smartline Cairns





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