Mortgage Calculators

mortgage calculator


Smartline Cairns Mortgage Adviser and Finance Broker Jason Thomson provides links to a range of mortgage calculators on his website.

Use these handy calculators to assess home loan repayments on various loan amounts, different interest rates, how much you can borrow, plus more…

Click on the various calculators below to get online access:


Home Loan Repayments – Work out your home loan repayments by the week, fortnight or month.

How much can I borrow? – Discover your maximum borrowing power across 25 different lenders.

Making Extra Repayments – See what effect extra repayments will have on reducing your loan.

Lump Sum – See what effect making a lump sum extra repayment will have on reducing your loan.

Income Tax calculator – Find out how much tax you need to pay at different income levels.

Stamp duty calculator – Find out how much stamp duty will cost for your property.

Compare different loans – Compare two home loans costs and savings using our loan comparison calculator.

Split home loan calculator – Calculate your repayments and total interest under different fixed and variable rate scenarios.

Budget planning – Create a personal budget using our detailed budget planner calculator.

Saving for your home – Figure out how much you can save using our simple savings plan calculator.


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Jason Thomson is a Cairns based Mortgage Adviser and Finance Broker with clients all around Australia. 100+ Client Reviews featured on his website proves that Jason is a trusted industry professional. Using his wealth of experience in financial services, he thrives on delivering superior service. Jason is very approachable and is always looking for new clients to help in the often confusing world of finance and property. Offering a no fee service, you’ve got nothing to lose by having an obligation free chat with Jason today.