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Australia’s rental market could be in for a massive shake-up, as an online rental portal gains traction.

Unlike other online platforms such as Domain or, is dedicated solely to advertising rental properties.

It’s that dedication that chief executive Mark Woshnak hopes will help the platform become ubiquitous in Australia’s rental market.

“Our aim is to become like Seek is for job advertisements or CarSales is for selling a car,” Woshnak said.

“Our aim is to be the site that is the first place people look to when they’re looking for a place to rent and also the first place that landlords or agents use to when they’re looking for a tenant,” he said.

There are signs that Woshnak’s vision maybe be slowly turning into reality, with claiming to have recorded more than 500,000 unique visitors during October this year; a 30% increase in traffic compared to September.

Likely helping the site generate that level of traffic is the fact that unlike other online real estate platforms, allows private landlords to advertise.

“Not only are platforms like Domain or not dedicated to renting, they also don’t let private landlords advertise,” Woshnak said.

“If you’re a private landlord you’re pretty much restricted to print in things like local papers or on sites like Gumtree which only offer a pretty unsophisticated level of service.”

Woshnak advertising online comes with obvious benefits, but he also claims it will help landlords’ back pockets.

“Online advertising easily gives landlords greater reach and exposes them to a greater amount of potential tenants and they can include pictures and more information,” he said.

“But using is going to be cheaper, a small ad in the paper can cost from $120 to $240, our advertisements for private landlords are free currently and are usually only $99.”


Jason Thomson | Finance Broker and Mortgage Adviser | Smartline Cairns


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